Sunday, November 11, 2012

Black Jack's Halloween Night

Let the fun begin!
Matt sets his fingers ablaze sporting his " Slash" get up.


 Jason found his " little bit country,"  beneath his ten gallon hat. Who does he think he is kidding? He is all " rock and roll!" 
Craig where is that "Pirate, " hat of yours?
Will some one please buy this "scurvey dog a drink? 
Country and Hard Rock harmonizing.

If John Wayne were in a rock band...

Who do you think won the costume contest?

Watch out ladies he is a "charmer!"

Black Jack's finest waitresses.

Tina ?

The quiet side.

The nights guest performers, Ron Irvine and Pam Montero.

Mr Lucky!

You gotta love this guy. Check out the way he accessorizes, " Batman."
Wait where did the wig go?
What a fun night. Great costumes. Amazing show and music, what more could you want or expect.
Riff Raff  rocks!